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ART Summer Assignments » AP Studio Art - DRAWING


You have three areas of study for your summer assignments: 
  • In #1, you will create three drawings and one painting from life observation. 
  • Daily sketching is very important for your growth as an artist and in #2, you will find your daily sketching challenge. 
  • Take advantage of your summer free-time to complete #3 by going to a museum and/or a gallery and spending some face-to-face, one-on-one time with a work of art.

DRAWING Summer Assignment #1 -- Drawing from Life
DRAWING Summer Assignment #2 -- Sketchbook Assignments
DRAWING Summer Assignment #3 -- Visit a Museum or Gallery
DRAWING Summer Assignment #4 -- Keep a Creative Journal
DRAWING Summer Assignment #5 -- Become Familiar with AP

Over the summer I would like you to think about your ideas for a concentration. Please return to school with 5 ideas that you would like to pursue and share with the class. Include these ideas in your journal. Be able to answer these two questions about your concentration ideas: 1) What is the central idea of your concentration? and 2) Explain how you can explore and demonstrate your intent of your concentration idea.

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR SUMMER DRAWING ASSIGNMENTS click here  No Art Kit available -- you will need to gather these supplies.

 I will be looking for the following qualities when grading your work:

         ~Quality of craftsmanship, understanding and manipulation of technique.
         ~Thoughtful and intentional use of the elements of design and principles of design.
         ~Innovative visual solutions, avoidance of cliché, working toward an individual voice and statement in visual media.
         ~Does the work ask interesting questions?

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