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Art Tool Box » Hints for Creating Better Art

Hints for creating better art

  • Make sure you have a focal point

  • Make your focal point off center

  • Use a full range of values

  • Overlap, overlap, overlap... have a foreground, middle ground and background

  • Crop! Decide on what's important and get rid of everything else

  • Never set objects or people on the bottom edge of the page or have them leaning on the sides of the page.(unless you are making a very strong emotional statement)

  • However, don't be afraid to have elements of type (if the word is understandable) or unimportant picture elements bleed off the page.

  • Use complementary colors in the shadows and dark areas (be subtle)

  • Don't use every color known to man in one piece of art (unless it's Fauve!)

  • Stand back from the monitor and LOOK.

  • Rotate your art until it's upside down and LOOK. Squint so the picture is fuzzy and LOOK- is there a full range of values from light to dark?

  • Is an unimportant area grabbing your eye first, and not the focal point? is the composition unbalanced (in a bad way) so that it looks off-kilter?

  • Is one color in an unimportant area grabbing your eye when it shouldn't be? Is the overall look bland and boring and in need of a pop of color?

  • Watch your edges, inappropriate hard edges of a cut and paste in digital art catch the eye and ruin the illusion of one integrated piece of art.

  • Don't force your pixels. If the image is too small to work, take another photo.

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